Custom telematic software and technology delivering results.

We have been developing custom telematic software for over 25 years as a team and are proud of the legacy we have built in the industry. We have a history of telematic custom software development that meets all kinds of challenges, for a wide variety of sectors and different company requirements.


We abstract the detail from the user story, and then perform a detailed technical analysis of the changes which will be required for the software.


During the technical design phase, we will propose a high-level blue print reviewing functionality, useability and design making sure all key objectives are meet.


Once we are happy with our design this is where we roll up our sleeves and start making modifications to the system. During this stage we will create and run our own unit tests.

Peer Review

All our changes are peer reviewed by a second developer. This ensures a basic sanity check of the changes which have been made, and also ensures all changes comply with our high standards around efficiency.


System Testing

We then engage a member of our internal testing team to provide yet another sanity check that all the criteria around the client's specification have been meet and the system is bug free.

System Deployment

Once the platform has passed all of its checks it is then deployed into a production environment to be validated by real users of the system.